Meet Your Wizards: DJ Karl

Wherein we pull back the curtain for a personal visit with one of the wonderful wizards of the X. In this case, the DJ we are featuring is Kari “Bunny” Ames aka DJ Karl!

Listen to Dizzy Spell, Saturdays from 11a-Noon

Born: Planet Claire in the Fortean System

Home: Bluebottom Garden, Nashville

Drafted into WXNA: April 25, 2017

Spins: Experimental / ethereal / existential

Fades: Disingenuousness

How did you discover independent radio? WRVU and Coast To Coast AM

Most played song:Be Free” by B.F. Trike – recorded at RCA studios in Nashville in 1971

Vinyl, CD or mp3? All of ‘em and cassettes to boot

Fave WXNA shows: Tapeworms / The Scatter Shot / Body to Body

Pinch-me moment: Getting married 🙂

When I die: Bury me in my garden and plant a tree in my chest cavity