Mark the spot, Nashville!

WXNA-FM “Low Power, High Voltage” Radio Is Here to Stay!

BROADCASTING AT 101.5 FM from the urban core of Music City, WXNA is radio made in Nashville, for Nashville.

Featuring a freeform radio format similar to the former WRVU-FM Nashville during its classic years, and also inspired by such freeform radio stations as WFMU-FM Jersey City, NJ, and KALX-FM Berkeley, CA, WXNA allows disc jockeys total freedom in the music they play (within FCC regulations), regardless of music genre or commercial interests.

WXNA is here to produce unusual and eclectic cultural programming that reflects Nashville’s rich history and cultural diversity. From Memphis Minnie to Sleater-Kinney, it all sounds good to us!

We are a 501(c)(3) listener-supported radio station. To donate today, visit our Donate page, or show your support with some swell WXNA swag!