Meet Your Wizards: DJ Karl

Wherein we pull back the curtain for a personal visit with one of the wonderful wizards of the X. In this case, the DJ we are featuring is Kari “Bunny” Ames aka DJ Karl!

Listen to Dizzy Spell, Saturdays from 11a-Noon

Born: Planet Claire in the Fortean System

Home: Bluebottom Garden, Nashville

Drafted into WXNA: April 25, 2017

Spins: Experimental / ethereal / existential

Fades: Disingenuousness

How did you discover independent radio? WRVU and Coast To Coast AM

Most played song:Be Free” by B.F. Trike – recorded at RCA studios in Nashville in 1971

Vinyl, CD or mp3? All of ‘em and cassettes to boot

Fave WXNA shows: Tapeworms / The Scatter Shot / Body to Body

Pinch-me moment: Getting married 🙂

When I die: Bury me in my garden and plant a tree in my chest cavity

Meet Your Wizards: DJ Erica

DJ Erica of Soul of the City, Thursdays 4-6pmBorn: Atlanta, GA
Home: Atlanta GA, always. I live in Nashville, TN
Drafted into WXNA: 2016
Spins: Right
Fades: Left

How did you discover independent radio? Out of curiosity, I started working at WUOG 90.5 at the University of Georgia from 1992-1994. I come from a musical family, so it actually made sense. Then I did commercial radio for a year in Jacksonville, FL from 1994-1995 but there was no creativity. Came back to Atlanta and worked at WRAS 88.5 at Georgia State University and WATB 90.5 in Decatur GA from 1997-2003, running a dance/electronic music show, a neo-soul/r&b show, and a community talk show during that time. That experience led me to be a rep for Sony Music in 2000-2001 where I got to meet up and coming bands. I also promoted dance/electronica events (aka RAVES!!!!) and DJs with my group The Beat Collaborative and also I DJed in Atlanta clubs. From 2007-2016, I ran a podcast called Mode.Radio, which featured dance/electronica music. It was through the connections I made in Atlanta that I got onto WXNA. I knew Nashville (and former WRVU DJ) Mindub and he suggested that I join the nuts at WXNA. However, I could not do a dance/electronica show because he was doing a similar show at the station. So I created “Soul of the City” based on my experience and my fav radio in Atlanta, “Soul of Jazz” on WCLK. Later, I revived “Mode.Radio” to help fill in the schedule during the COVID pandemic. “Bring Out Your Dead” was a result of a slightly inebriated Facebook post to the WXNA DJ group, where all kinds of DJs showed their secret membership as Merry Marauders. 😉

Most played song on WXNA: “LA” from Nashville artist Jamiah

Vinyl, CD or mp3? All formats for radio. CD’s and Mp3 for club DJing
Fave WXNA shows:, Psych Out, The Corner, Reggae University, Beautiful Buzz and of course Soul of the City, Mode.Radio, and Bring Out Your Dead.

Pinch-me moment: Interviewing Bela Fleck because we had no DJs available to do it in 2000 in Atlanta. I was a secret fan and he was a super cool dude. Interviewing PJ Morton on WXNA in 2017. Getting invited to my first of 3 secret Prince shows because of my radio DJing in Atlanta in 2001.

When I die: I want to die with Georgia red clay under my feet and disco music playing at my funeral.

Meet Your Wizards: DJ Headwalker

Meet Your Wizards: DJ Headwalker of Spin Cycle, Wednesday nights from 11p-1a

MEET YOUR WIZARDS! A peek behind the curtain…

Meet DJ HEADWALKER, host of Spin Cycle from 11 pm to midnight on Wednesday evenings, followed by Indo-Burma from midnight to 1 am on Thursdays. He is also the owner of Guerilla Bizkits, located in Fatherland Shops in East Nashville.

Born: 12/27/93 til infinity — same day as my dad. cap gang
Home: East Nashville — filled with pet fur and tchotchkes
Drafted into WXNA: 2 years ago
Spins: Hardcore punk and jungle

How did you discover independent radio? In early middle school, there was a college radio station that I could snag from BGSU that played death metal every Thursday at like 4am. Some kid told me about it and I didn’t believe him, so I stayed up one night and sure enough, there it was. I tuned in religiously after that — it felt like my duty as a kid in the scene to tune in and support heavy music on the air.
Most played song: “Window Licker” — Aphex Twin

Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl and mp3

Fave WXNA show: Reggae University

Pinch-me moment: Collaborating with my favorite record label, Triple B Records

When I die: feed me to the worms or press my ashes into a vinyl

Meet Your Wizards: DJ Nexus

DJ Nexus of Musical Mysticism (4-5pm on Wednesdays)
Meet DJ Nexus, host of Musical Mysticism from 4-5pm on Wednesday afternoons.

Born: 10-3-1981 in Oak Ridge, TN
Home: Lebanon and Grandview, TN
Drafted into WXNA: 2017
Spins: electronic, hip-hop, funk, soul, psych, rock, folk, blues, jazz, ambient, reggae, dub, afrobeat, disco
Fades: cross

How did you discover independent radio?
I did college radio at MTSU and discovered WXNA in the Nashville Scene

Most played song: I rarely play a song on the radio more than once. Live DJing it’s probably “Scientific Dancehall” by Lee “Scratch” Perry. Listening for pleasure lately it’s probably something by Adrianne Lenker or “Doin’ Time” by Lana Del Rey.

Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl live, WAV and FLAC when prerecording
Fave WXNA shows: Web of Sound, Mode.Radio, Free Association, Beautiful Buzz, The Housequake Vinyl Hour, Walk It Off!
Pinch-me moment: Meeting Jess Williamson and telling her I play her songs on the radio.
When I die: Natural burial or let wild animals eat me

About Me:
I’m an avid reader of mostly nonfiction, particularly mysticism, philosophy, poetry, pop culture and environmental/social issues. I’ve been vegetarian since 2004. In January 2010, I sat in a tree on a windy mountain in West Virginia for 9 days with no extra heat source to get in the way of blasting next to a coal sludge impoundment on a mountaintop removal coal mine site.