Long Distance Dedication: Leanne Merritt

Check out DJ Karl‘s long distance dedication to DJ Leanne of “X-Posure

My friend and WXNA DJ Leanne Merritt is an influencer in the truest sense of the word — digging deep into new releases, keeping fresh on upcoming tour announcements, and alerting the world to the next magical act that will grace Nashville stages. She supports local, bringing in tons of interviewees from all over the city. Experimental artists and indie darlings alike are thrilled to be included on X-Posure, Leanne’s weekly exploration of the new and hip, the deep and sincere. She finds hidden treasures like she’s a talent magnet and makes connections to amazing people in a way that feels organic. It’s beautiful to hear the conversations bloom on the airwaves each Wednesday. Thank you, Leanne. The brightness of your X-Posure has given me a lasting burn ❤