October 24, 2021

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  • 8:00pm Lazy Calm by Cocteau Twins on Victorialand (4AD)
  • 8:06pm #3 by Aphex Twin on Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Warp Records)
  • 8:15pm Pop 1 by Gas on Pop (Kompakt)
  • 8:21pm Earth and Elsewhere by Pinkshinyultrablast on Miserable Miracles (Shelflife)
  • 8:25pm Newborn by Julianna Barwick on Breathing Instruments (Touchtheplants)
  • 8:30pm Ike by Meitei on Komachi (Métron Records)
  • 8:33pm Hear Me Out by Huerco S. on For Those of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (Proibito Records)
  • 8:39pm Rain by Emily A. Sprague on Hill, Flower, Fog (RVNG Intl.)
  • 8:47pm Summerdata by Emeralds on Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Editions Mego)
  • 8:52pm The Skype Cloud and Your Smile on the Left by Giulio Aldinucci on Borders and Ruins (Karlrecords)
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