fiery frets

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  • 8:00pm Remember Nothing by No Joy on More Faithful (Mexican Summer)
  • 8:02pm Bed for the Scraping by Fugazi on Red Medicine (Dischord)
  • 8:05pm Loomer by My Bloody Valentine on Loveless (Rhino/Warner Records)
  • 8:08pm Shea Stadium by Marnie Stern on This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 8:13pm Like a White Bat In a Box, Dead Matters Go On by Melt-Banana on Cell-Scape (Azap)
  • 8:16pm Frenzied Handsome, Hello! by Deerhoof on Reveille (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 8:18pm Chelsea by Editrix on Tell Me I’m Bad (Exploding In Sound Records)
  • 8:21pm Youth Decay by Sleater-Kinney on All Hands On The Bad One (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 8:24pm 50 Ft Queenie by PJ Harvey on Rid of Me (Island)
  • 8:28pm Symphony of Treble by Blonde Redhead on Fake Can Be Just as Good (Touch and Go Records)
  • 8:32pm Jeremy Parker by Swirlies on Blonder Tongue Audio Baton (Taang! Records)
  • 8:36pm Heaven by Charly Bliss on Supermoon – EP (Barsuk Records)
  • 8:40pm Spray Paint (The Walls) by Dirty Projectors on Rise Above (Dead Oceans)
  • 8:45pm Bouncy House by Lightning Bolt on Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey Records)
  • 8:49pm Kiddy Pool Dreams by Pinkshinyultrablast on Grandfeathered (Club AC30)
  • 8:55pm Rest Stop by Kero Kero Bonito on Time ‘n’ Place (Polyvinyl Records)
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