celestial salve

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  • 8:00pm Canopies by Grand River on Blink a Few Times to Clear Your Eyes (Editions Mego)
  • 8:07pm Suite Pour L’invisible by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky)
  • 8:16pm Beach Loom by The Leaf Library on About Minerals (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)
  • 8:25pm Night by Julianna Barwick on Circumstance Synthesis – EP (RVNG Intl.)
  • 8:31pm Suchend by John Gürtler on Eigenlicht (Counterchange Recordings)
  • 8:34pm Coconut Serenade by Imaginary Softwoods on Annual Flowers in Color (Mineral Disk)
  • 8:40pm CloseOldCountryStompToYou by Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples on Anthology of American Pop Music – EP (Faitiche)
  • 8:48pm Star Gazing by Emily A. Sprague on Hill, Flower, Fog (RVNG Intl.)
  • 8:54pm Orange Hits the Pupil by Botany on Deepak Verbera (Western Vinyl)
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