Meet Your Wizards: DJ Headwalker

Meet Your Wizards: DJ Headwalker of Spin Cycle, Wednesday nights from 11p-1a

MEET YOUR WIZARDS! A peek behind the curtain…

Meet DJ HEADWALKER, host of Spin Cycle from 11 pm to midnight on Wednesday evenings, followed by Indo-Burma from midnight to 1 am on Thursdays. He is also the owner of Guerilla Bizkits, located in Fatherland Shops in East Nashville.

Born: 12/27/93 til infinity — same day as my dad. cap gang
Home: East Nashville — filled with pet fur and tchotchkes
Drafted into WXNA: 2 years ago
Spins: Hardcore punk and jungle

How did you discover independent radio? In early middle school, there was a college radio station that I could snag from BGSU that played death metal every Thursday at like 4am. Some kid told me about it and I didn’t believe him, so I stayed up one night and sure enough, there it was. I tuned in religiously after that — it felt like my duty as a kid in the scene to tune in and support heavy music on the air.
Most played song: “Window Licker” — Aphex Twin

Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl and mp3

Fave WXNA show: Reggae University

Pinch-me moment: Collaborating with my favorite record label, Triple B Records

When I die: feed me to the worms or press my ashes into a vinyl