Long Distance Dedication: DJ Susan

Check out our long distance dedication to DJ Susan of DJ Susan of Inconsiderate Mixtape (5-7 pm on Wednesdays), by Eric (DJ Big Chief Chaz, Gilded Splinters, Tuesdays from 8-10 p):

If you check wxnafm.org for DJ Susan’s show description of his two-hour “Inconsiderate Mixtape,” you’ll see he name checks Aretha, Haggard, Coltrane, and Zappa. (His on-air show card also includes Howlin’ Wolf, I think…) But if you’ve tuned in and not heard any of those artists, there’s actually a really good reason why: DJ Susan spins what is likely the most wide-ranging palette of freeform programming of anyone at WXNA — which is saying a lot.

Somewhere back in the early days I heard him announce, “Well, that makes it 2,000 artists I’ve played on this show without ever repeating one…” What?!? Was that even possible…?? Of course it was, and is — for the simple reason that DJ Susan’s playlists are all-inclusive, all-genre, all-era… and all-world great. He’ll declare that he picked up some obscure, lost-to-history release simply because he thought the cover was cool, then flow it into the mix and make it feel like it was part of our collective consciousness this whole time. Did he make actual mixtapes that were this cool for his friends back in school? Who cares…. Right now, he’s making another great one for all of us, and you need only tune in next Thursday at 9 a.m. (or check the archive!) for your own copy.

Long Distance Dedication: Michael Roark

Lond Distance Dedication: Michael RoarkCheck out our long distance dedication to DJ Michael Roark (Hazy Ways, Tuesdays noon-3) by DJ Leanne of X-Posure (Wed, 2-4 p.m.)

I met Michael Roark at our very first DJ Mixer before WXNA went on the air in the Spring of 2016. I remember our first conversation was focused on our excitement of having a new freeform radio station in town and all of the music that we wanted to play. That very same excitement about making radio is still alive and well. Michael is a multi-talented DJ. He makes great radio that fits every mood and makes it seem effortless. I love his creativity, appreciate his candor, and his great taste in music.

Each week he takes his foggy notions and musings, and then knits them all together with an excellent blend of eclectic tunes to create the colorful and expansive soundtrack of Hazy Ways (Tues, noon-3 p.m.). He keeps it modern with interesting new sounds on The Friday Afternoon Club (Fri, 1-3 p.m.). Michael is also one heck of a thespian. Remember the Soap Radio Hour? His radio endeavors also include many jobs for the station behind the scenes. I even call upon him when I need a substitute or a concert buddy.

Thank you, Michael. You’re a great friend and a kindred spirit. You rock my world!

Long Distance Dedication: Peter Rodman

Paul Glavin of Eargasm dedicates the following to Peter Rodman

Curating a radio show that merges so many genres and formats into a specific identifiable image is daunting and challenging. It is the equivalent of walking an audio tightrope. Lack of creative discipline can easily send the show into the murky abyss of sounding like the DJ is simply trying to fill the time slot with anything that takes up time. Peter Rodman Goes Off rides the line of balance perfectly in his structured unstructured show of music, talk, interviews and whatever else happens to make him, “go off”. Peter’s show is entertaining, fun, opinionated, and hosted by someone who obviously loves what he’s doing as well as the music he plays. I’m always amazed by the scope and breadth of his knowledge of pop music and his ability to interview his subjects in a conversational manner to bring out the best in them so the listener remains captivated and interested whatever the subject is.

Peter Rodman the person is equally great. I have a fantastic time whenever we have the opportunity to meet up and always leave wishing there was more time to just hang out and yak. Peter was born in New York and I am from the Boston area so I’m sure listening to us having a conversation can be pretty challenging in Nashville when we are at WXNA events especially when the subject turns to baseball. Our Red Sox and Yankees biases become apparent very quickly!

Peter Rodman Goes Off can be heard on Monday from 10am-11am on WXNA and should be required listening for anyone who loves the art of music conversation and perfectly sequenced songs supporting the interview. Now, about those Yankees, Peter…