Long Distance Dedication: DJ Susan

Check out our long distance dedication to DJ Susan of DJ Susan of Inconsiderate Mixtape (5-7 pm on Wednesdays), by Eric (DJ Big Chief Chaz, Gilded Splinters, Tuesdays from 8-10 p):

If you check wxnafm.org for DJ Susan’s show description of his two-hour “Inconsiderate Mixtape,” you’ll see he name checks Aretha, Haggard, Coltrane, and Zappa. (His on-air show card also includes Howlin’ Wolf, I think…) But if you’ve tuned in and not heard any of those artists, there’s actually a really good reason why: DJ Susan spins what is likely the most wide-ranging palette of freeform programming of anyone at WXNA — which is saying a lot.

Somewhere back in the early days I heard him announce, “Well, that makes it 2,000 artists I’ve played on this show without ever repeating one…” What?!? Was that even possible…?? Of course it was, and is — for the simple reason that DJ Susan’s playlists are all-inclusive, all-genre, all-era… and all-world great. He’ll declare that he picked up some obscure, lost-to-history release simply because he thought the cover was cool, then flow it into the mix and make it feel like it was part of our collective consciousness this whole time. Did he make actual mixtapes that were this cool for his friends back in school? Who cares…. Right now, he’s making another great one for all of us, and you need only tune in next Thursday at 9 a.m. (or check the archive!) for your own copy.