The Unlistenable Hour

  • Saturdays, 9:00am10:00am

Outsiders and the insiders who love them. Experimentalists. Dark hippies, cults, misled psychedelia, novelty 45s, thinly-veiled product placement. Songs of the disenfranchised. Primitivists, naivists, field recordings, homemade tapes, private presses, and one-man bands. Easterners playing Western music and white people playing world music. Nashville cast-offs, sad bastard country, cautionary tales, religious conversions, proselytizers, drones, and space music. Singing nuns and psychedelic liturgy. All this and many, many more genres that don’t exist.

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9:00am, 3-16-2019

9:00am, 3-9-2019

9:00am, 3-2-2019

9:00am, 2-23-2019

9:00am, 2-16-2019

9:00am, 2-9-2019

9:00am, 2-2-2019

9:00am, 1-26-2019

9:00am, 1-19-2019

9:00am, 1-12-2019

9:00am, 1-5-2019

9:00am, 12-29-2018

9:00am, 12-22-2018

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9:00am, 12-1-2018

9:00am, 11-24-2018

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9:00am, 10-27-2018

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9:00am, 10-13-2018