June 7, 2021

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  • 12:00pm Birthday Party by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five on Greatest Messages (Sugar Hill)
  • 12:05pm Showdown – the Furious Five Meets the Sugarhill Gang (Single / LP Version) by The Sugarhill Gang & The Furious Five on Rapper’s Delight: The Best of the Sugarhill Gang (Sugar Hill)
  • 12:11pm Monster Jam by Spoonie Gee meets The Sequence on The Sugar Hill Records Story (Rhino)
  • 12:22pm Do You Wanna Dance by Sweet Cookie on single (Danya)
  • 12:28pm Bustin’ Loose by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers on Bustin’ Loose (Essential Media Group)
  • 12:36pm Shoo-Be-Do-Wop by Rare Essence on single (Sounds of the Capital)
  • 12:43pm Big City Groove by Little Benny and the Masters on Little Benny and the Masters (Big City Records)
  • 12:48pm That’s the Joint by Funky 4 + 1 on Sugar Hill Rap Classics – The Pioneers of Hip-Hop (Sugar Hill)
  • 12:55pm adventures of flash on the wheels of steel by Grandmaster Flash on Roots of Hip Hop (Mojo)
  • 12:56pm monster jam by Grandmaster Flash on Roots of Hip Hop (Mojo)
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