May 31, 2021

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  • 9:03am If This Was Right by Nick Piunti on Temporary High (JEM)
  • 9:05am What the People Don’t See by The Strypes on Snapshot (EMI)
  • 9:08am I Used to Be Irish Catholic by George Carlin on Class Clown (Little David)
  • 9:11am Big Me by Foo Fighters on Greatest Hits (RCA Records Label)
  • 9:13am Your Auntie Grizelda by The Monkees on More of the Monkees (Rhino)
  • 9:16am Baby What You Want Me to Do by Jimmy Reed on Greatest Hits (Charly Records)
  • 9:18am Monkey Suit by Pernice Brothers on Overcome by Happiness (Sub Pop)
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