April 22, 2021

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  • 2:00pm S​.​O​.​S. Peligro by Los Ecos on Cumbia Peruana Set (Aratirí Selectah)
  • 2:04pm Oceanride by Juleah on Shimmering Road (1020518 Records DK)
  • 2:10pm April Fool by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads on Little Big Head 2019 (self released)
  • 2:13pm Long Shot (Kick De Bucket) by The Pioneers on Monkey Business (Trojan Records)
  • 2:17pm Dreaming by Peg Simone on Dreaming – Single (Peg Simone)
  • 2:22pm Felawatt Des Lions by Des Lions Pour Des Lions on Derviche Safari (MaAuLa Records)
  • 2:25pm In A Gada Da Vida by Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha on Re-Covers (World Village)
  • 2:30pm Happy Hound by Alec Bathgate on Gold Lame (Flying Nun Records)
  • 2:34pm Goca Dünya by Altın Gün on On (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
  • 2:38pm Tarhanine Tegla by Afous d’Afous on Tarhanine Tegla – Single (Sahel Sounds)
  • 2:45pm Danza del Mar by Sonido Gallo Negro on Mambo Cósmico (Glitterbeat Records)
  • 2:49pm La ballade de l’indifférence by Maria Violenza on Scirocco (Kakakids Records)
  • 2:53pm The Loneliness in Me by Rachel Brooke on The Loneliness in Me (Mal)
  • 2:57pm Batufitina by Swordman Kitala (produced by DJ Scotch Rolex) on Swordman Kitala X Sekelembele Split (HAKUNA KULALA)
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