March 21, 2021

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  • 7:01am No Room For Squares by Hank Mobley on No Room for Squares (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition Remastered) (Blue Note Records)
  • 7:08am Un soir d’été by Nelly Perrier on Wizzz French Psychorama : 1966-1970, Vol. 2 (Born Bad Records)
  • 7:11am Love Squared by The Masterminds on In Effect (The Masterminds)
  • 7:15am Taurus by Spirit on Time Circle (1968-1972) (Epic/Legacy)
  • 7:18am A Thousand Shapes of Change by Tommy Guerrero on Sunshine Radio (TOO GOOD/RUSH PRODUCTION/OCTAVE-LAB)
  • 7:21am Wake Up and Go Beserk by Mogwai on Zidane – A 21st Century Portrait (An Original Soundtrack By Mogwai) ([PIAS] Recordings Catalogue)
  • 7:26am Full Circle Song by Gene Clark on Roadmaster (A&M)
  • 7:31am This is Airebeat by The Squares on Starry Eyes UK Pop Vol II (Rhino)
  • 7:34am Love Will Tear Us Apart by Squarepusher on Do You Know Squarepusher (Warp Records)
  • 7:38am Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order on Brotherhood (WM UK)
  • 7:42am You Can Be My Baby by The Red Squares on Searching In The Wilderness (Columbia UK)
  • 7:46am The Shape I’m In by Johnny Resitivo on Essential Rockabilly: The RCA Story (One Day Music)
  • 7:48am UFO by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra on Great British TV Themes (Silva Screen Records)
  • 7:51am Jesus Rides a U.F.O. by The Enemy on Return to Elliston Square, 1979-1989 (SPAT! Records)
  • 7:53am Perfect Circle by R.E.M. on Murmur (Deluxe Edition) (A&M)
  • 7:56am This Very Second by Bill Lloyd on Feeling The Elephant (Whole-In-One Records)
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