January 30, 2021 - Winter Pledge Drive "Hardboiled Jazz & Future Funk" with Guest DJ Randy Fox

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  • 8:00am Touch of Evil (Main Title) by Joseph Gershonson & The Universal-International Orchestra on Touch Of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Varese Sarabande)
  • 8:11am The Street (Main Title) by Elmer Bernstein on Sweet Smell of Success (Decca)
  • 8:14am NIght Watch by Gerry Mulligan’s Jazz Combo on I Want to Live (OST) (United Artists)
  • 8:18am Frankie Machine by Elmer Bernstein & Orchestra on Crime Jazz: Music in the First Degree (Rhino)
  • 8:31am Experiment in Terror (Twist) by Henry Mancini on Experiment in Terror (RCA Victor)
  • 8:34am Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini and his Orchestra on Gunn (RCA Victor)
  • 8:37am M Squad Theme by Count Basie on The Music from “M Squad” (RCA Victor)
  • 8:38am 77 Sunset Strip Cha Cha by Warren Baker Orchestra on 77 Sunset Strip (TV Soundtrack) (Warner Brothers)
  • 8:40am Riff Blues (Theme) by Skip Martin on Crime Jazz: Music in the First Degree (Rhino)
  • 8:45am MIssion Impossible by Lalo Schifrin on Music From Mission Impossible (Dot Records)
  • 8:48am The Avengers by The Laurie Johnson Orchestra on The Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes (Sequel Records)
  • 8:51am You’re a Foolish Man, Mr. Flint by Jerry Goldsmith on Our Man Flint (Original Motion Picture Score) (20th Century Fox Records)
  • 8:53am High Wire (Theme From Danger Man) by Brian Fahey & His Orchestra on Come Spy With Me (Ace Records)
  • 8:55am Main Titles by Ron Grainger Orchestra on Prisoner Themes – Original Soundtrack Music From The TV Series Starring Patrick McGoohan (Stage & Screen)
  • 9:08am Thunderbirds Theme by The Barry Gray Orchestra on Thunderbirds 2 (Silva Screen)
  • 9:10am Captain Scarlet by The Barry Gray Orchestra on The Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes (Sequel Records)
  • 9:12am UFO Main Theme by Barry Gray on UFO (The Original Television Series Soundtrack Music By Barry Gray) (Trunk Records)
  • 9:13am Theme from “Space: 1999” by Barry Gray on Space: 1999 (An Original Television Soundtrack Recording) (RCA Victor)
  • 9:19am The Dome by Jerry Goldsmith on Logan’s Run (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (MGM Records)
  • 9:21am Spazio 1999 by Ennio Morricone on Space: 1999 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Death Waltz)
  • 9:24am Executive Party by Andre Previn on Rollerball (United Artists)
  • 9:27am The Forbidden Zone by Jerry Goldsmith on Planet of the Apes (Original Soundtrack) (Total Sound Stereo Project)
  • 9:37am Also Sprach Zarathustra by Karl Bohm & the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on 2001: A Space Odissey (MGM Records)
  • 9:39am The Landing by Jerry Goldsmith on Alien (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (20th Century Fox Records)
  • 9:43am Suite from Godzilla Vs. Gigan by Akira Ifukube on The Best of Godzilla 1954-1975 (GNP Crescendo)
  • 9:47am The Thing: Shape by Ennio Morricone on John Carpenter’s The Thing (Music from the Motion Picture) (MCA Records)
  • 9:55am Doctor Who by Eric Windstone & his Orchestra on The Avengers & Other Top Sixties TV Themes (Sequel Records)
  • 9:58am Star Trek Theme (End Titles) by Alexander Courage on Star Trek, From The Original Pilots: The Cage & Where No Man Has Gone Before (Original Television Soundtrack) (GNP Crescendo)
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