December 16, 2020

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  • 10:00am Shaka the Great (12′ mix) by The Overnight Players on single (Pressure Sounds)
  • 10:05am Out of Control by Lime Spiders on Do The Pop! The Australian Garage-Rock Sound 1976-’87 (Savage Beat! ‎)
  • 10:08am Carcajou by Essaie Pas on Nuit de noce (TeenageMenopause Records)
  • 10:15am Talk About Me by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins on The Whamee 1953 – 55 (Cherry Red Records)
  • 10:17am Russian Roulette by Scrambled Eggs on Happy Together, Filthy Forever – EP (Ruptured)
  • 10:21am Tonada de luna llena by WOMANMAY on Colección de demos y cintas fantasmales (self released)
  • 10:26am Get Back Home by Majority One on The Perfumed Garden, 82 Rare Flowerings from the British Underground 1965-73 (Past & Present)
  • 10:30am Sorceress by Desert Sharks on Baby’s Gold Death Stadium (Substitute Scene Records)
  • 10:34am Get to Know Lonesome by Skinny Dyck on Get to Know Lonesome (JBK Records)
  • 10:37am Badaouiah by Hany Mehanna on The Miracles of the Seven Dances (Radio Martiko)
  • 10:41am Radio Stars by Radio Stars on Good Clean Fun (Ace Records)
  • 10:44am Los Golpeadores de la Cumbia by Meridian Brothers on Cumbia Siglo XXI (Bongo Joe)
  • 10:48am Second Class by Maggot Heart on Mercy Machine (RAPID EYE RECORDS)
  • 10:54am Nétsanét by Mulatu Astatke on Africa Funk (Harmless)
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