December 8, 2020

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  • 4:00pm Down By The River by Roy Buchanan on Live At Town Hall 1974 (Polydor)
  • 4:09pm Turd On the Run by The Rolling Stones on Exile On Main St. (Polydor)
  • 4:12pm Mai Lee by John Lee Hooker on On the Waterfront (Wand Records)
  • 4:15pm Sweet Lucinda by Swag on Sweet Lucinda (Diesel Only Records)
  • 4:19pm Every Little Truth by Swag on Every Little Truth (Diesel Only Records)
  • 4:22pm Finding Her by Boz Scaggs on Boz Scaggs (Atlantic Records)
  • 4:26pm Muddy River by Johnny Rivers on Imperial 45 66386 (Universal)
  • 4:30pm Oyin Momo Ado (Oh-Yin-Maw-Maw-Ah-Dough) by Olatunji on Drums of Passion (Columbia)
  • 4:35pm Black Soul by Bo Diddley on The Black Gladiator (Geffen)
  • 4:38pm Wheels of Confusion by Black Sabbath on Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (Remastered) (Sanctuary Records)
  • 4:46pm Beetles in the Bog by War on The World is a Ghetto (Far Out Productions)
  • 4:50pm Sometimes a Song by Bill Withers on Making Music (Legacy Recordings)
  • 4:54pm Left Hand Luke by T. Rex on TANX (Fujipacific Music)
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