November 3, 2020 More Music To Vote By...

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  • 11:30am Nobody Wanna Hear It by Larysa Jaye on Nobody Wanna Hear It – Single (Larysa Jaye Music)
  • 11:33am Alabama by Jessica Breanne on Alabama – Single (Jessica Breanne)
  • 11:39am You Can’t Rule Me by Lucinda Williams on Good Souls Better Angels (Highway 20 Records)
  • 11:44am Desperate by Reckless Johnny Wales on Red, White & Reckless (Amerikandy Records)
  • 11:46am I Feel Love by Patrick Cowley on Some Funkettes (Dark Entries Records)
  • 11:47am Block the Comet by Quintron & Miss Pussycat on Goblin Alert (Goner)
  • 11:47am No Time by Morgan Bosman on No Time – Single (Morgan Bosman)
  • 11:48am Sweet Touch Of Love by Allen Touissaint on Sweet Touch Of Love (Scepter)
  • 11:49am Funky Track by Cloud One on Funky Disco Tracks of Cloud One (Queen Constance Records)
  • 11:51am Short-Sighted People in Power by My Politic on Short-Sighted People in Power: A Home Recording (Self Released)
  • 11:51am Too Strong by Weak Signal on Bianca (Bandcamp)
  • 11:54am There Will Always Be A Light by Willow and Wood on There Will Always Be A Light (Willow + Wood)
  • 11:56am Can’t Stop Now by Captain Sky on The Adventures of Captain Sky – EP (AVI Records)
  • 11:56am Another Song by Bill Callahan on Gold Record (Drag City Records)
  • 11:57am Interstellar by Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash on Postcards from Nowhere (Melody As Truth)
  • 11:58am Yellow Roses by Bri Murphy on Yellow Roses – Single (Bri Murphy)
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