October 14, 2020

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  • 1:30pm Don’t Blow Your Experiment by Oh Sees on Panther Rotate (Castle Face)
  • 1:36pm The Revolution of Super Visions by Jane Weaver on Flock (Fire Records)
  • 1:41pm Do Or Die by Ani DiFranco on Do or Die – Single (Righteous Babe Records)
  • 1:48pm Adonai by Ikebe Shakedown on Adonai – Single (Colemine Records)
  • 1:51pm Its Only Us-Acoustic Version by Monophonics on It’s Only Us-Single (Colemine Records)
  • 1:55pm Deep View View (Le SuperHomard Remix) by Jim Noir on A,M. Jazz Remix (C+ P Dook Recordings)
  • 2:01pm Big Decisions-Jim’s Demo by My Morning Jacket on Good Music to Avert The Collapse of American Democracy, Vol. 2 (Voting Rights)
  • 2:12pm The President (2020 Version) by Robyn HItchocok on The President (2020 Version) (Self Released)
  • 2:14pm Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven by John Prine With Margo Price on Good Music to Avert THe Collapse of American Democracy, Vol. 2 (Voting Rights Lab)
  • 2:16pm Some Humans Ain’t Human by Neil Nathan on Some Humans Ain’t Human – Single (Pirate Vinyl)
  • 2:21pm Power to the People by Neil Nathan on Power to the People – Single (Pirate Vinyl)
  • 2:36pm Election Day-Radio Edit by Neil Nathan on Election Day (Neil Nathan)
  • 2:39pm Vote ‘Em Out by Willie Nelson on Vote ‘Em Out – Single (Legacy Recordings)
  • 2:41pm 21st Century USA by Drive By Truckers on The Unraveling (ATO)
  • 3:01pm Love Me Do by Neil Nathan on Love Me Do – Single (Pirate Vinyl)
  • 3:06pm Sexy Sadie by Reno Bo on Sexy Sadie-Single (Reno Bo)
  • 3:12pm #9 Dream- (Ultimate Mix) by John Lennon on Gimme Some Truth -Deluxe Edition (Capital)
  • 3:29pm Don’t Walk Away Again by Neil Nathan on Don’t Walk Away Again – Single (Pirate Vinyl)
  • 3:32pm Yes Sir (For Rayshard Brooks) by Pete SInjin on Voices : Songs of Protest, Peace, Outrage and Unity (Matte Black Sound)
  • 3:35pm Vigilante Man/George Floyd by Jim McHugh on For Big Floyd (Centripetal Force)
  • 3:44pm Where the Light Goes by Pat Dam Smyth on The Last King (Quiet Arch)
  • 3:48pm Avalanche by Aimee Mann on Avalanche – Single (Super Ego Records)
  • 3:55pm America by Courtney Marie Andrews on Good Music to Avert The Collapse of American Democracy, Vol. 2 (Voting Rights Lab)
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