August 27, 2020

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  • 4:03pm Dreams (feat. Case Arnold) by Lauren McClinton on Dawn (Lauren McClinton)
  • 4:07pm Blue Lambo by Bryant Taylorr on Blue Lambo – Single (Bryant Taylorr)
  • 4:09pm Energy by Josey on Energy – Single (Josey)
  • 4:12pm Midnight by Frank Vallon, Cole Worthy, DK on Midnight (Prodigy Records)
  • 4:20pm Supersonic (feat. Nathan Fouts) by Lul Lion on Supersonic (feat. Nathan Fouts) – Single (independent)
  • 4:23pm Cocoa Butter by Vibe Out, Malik Jvon, Sann-Mann, & Berto on Cocoa Butter (independent)
  • 4:26pm Honey by Ria Marie on Honey – Single (Ria Marie)
  • 4:30pm Like I’m Broke by Lord Goldie on Trap Conscious – EP (Lord Goldie)
  • 4:38pm Unbelievable (feat. The BlackSon & Lauren McClinton) by Tim Gent on Unbelievable (feat. The BlackSon & Lauren McClinton) – Single (BG Entertainment)
  • 4:42pm Bones by Lindsey Lomis on Bones – Single (Altadena/Warner Records)
  • 4:44pm Cracks in the Ceiling (feat. Joseph) by Devon Gilfillian on Cracks In The Ceiling (feat. Joseph) – Single (Capitol Records)
  • 4:49pm Waiting by Langston Bleu on Waiting – Single (Independent)
  • 4:55pm No Time by Morgan Bosman on No Time – Single (Morgan Bosman)
  • 4:58pm Luvah (feat. Stan) by Saaneah on Luvah (feat. Stan) – Single (Timeless Serenity Music Publishing)
  • 5:11pm Cashvillians by Heru Heru on Heal Hop (1619893 Records DK)
  • 5:21pm Can’t Shut Us Down (feat. Nakessa Fields) by Heru Heru on Heal Hop (1619893 Records DK)
  • 5:33pm World Hop by Ah-Deli on World Hop (Ah-Deli Records)
  • 5:36pm L.A. (feat. Tim Gent) by Jamiah on 22 – Ep (636283 Records DK)
  • 5:39pm Jack and Ginger by Rashad tha Poet on Jack and Ginger–Single (Rashad Tha Poet)
  • 5:43pm Dolla$ by Daisha McBride on Wild (The Rap Girl)
  • 5:48pm Me by Kimberly KNEEcole on Me – Single (Kimberly KNEEcole)
  • 5:52pm Bad to the Bone by Chuck iNDigo on Bad to the Bone – Single (ThirdEye, LLC)
  • 5:55pm Listen by Kyshona Armstrong on Listen (Kyshona Armstrong / Tone Tree Music)
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