August 26, 2020

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  • 12:01am Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe) by Power Trip on Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord Recordings)
  • 12:04am Cogs In the Machine by Mammoth Grinder on Underworlds (20 Buck Spin)
  • 12:08am Corroded from Within by Creeping Death on Wretched Illusions (eOne)
  • 12:14am Backwards Society by Glue on Glue – EP (Video Disease Records)
  • 12:17am Isolate by Back to back on Narcissist EP (Lockin Out)
  • 12:18am Cellar Dweller by Impalers on Cellar Dweller (Pax Aeternum Digital)
  • 12:21am Eighteen by Total Abuse on Excluded (Deranged Records)
  • 12:23am Psychic Mirrors by Wiccans on Field II (Hardware Records)
  • 12:30am Brace Up! by Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt on Brace Up! (Palilalia)
  • 12:33am Republic of Rough and Ready by Hella on Hold Your Horse Is (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 12:35am Crow by Shellac on At Action Park (Touch and Go Records)
  • 12:40am Cologne by Trans Am on Surrender to the Night (Thrill Jockey)
  • 12:44am Boogieman by Eric Copeland on Goofballs (DFA Records)
  • 12:50am Meditation (feat. Arca) by Babyfather on “BBF” Hosted By DJ Escrow (Hyperdub)
  • 1:00am Sandcastles by Aseul on Asobi (Astro Kidz)
  • 1:05am Everything He Needs by Carly Rae Jepsen on Dedicated (Interscope)
  • 1:08am Youth (NIGHT) by OOHYO on Youth – Single (Kakao M Corp.)
  • 1:16am Love and Dream Are Back by FLIPPER’S GUITAR on Camera Talk (felicity)
  • 1:20am Our Lips are Sealed by Fun Boy Three on Waiting (Chrysalis Records)
  • 1:25am Radar Man by ハルメンズ on Halmens No Kindai Taiso +8 (invitation)
  • 1:27am Girl of 100 Lists by The Go Go’s on Vacation (A&M)
  • 1:33am Swerl by Chekov on Aerated – EP (Peach Discs)
  • 1:39am Eyes of My Mind by Axel Boman on Eyes of My Mind – Single (Studio Barnhus)
  • 1:47am Swim by Nicolas Jaar on Nymphs III – EP (Other People)
  • 1:52am Mistress by Nicolas Jaar on Nymphs III – EP (Other People)
  • 1:53am Alien Mode by Pearson Sound on Alien Mode – Single (Hessle Audio)
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