May Favs

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  • 9:01pm Let Yourself Go by Alien’s Kid on Movin’ at 27 Lite Years a Day (Alien’s Kid)
  • 9:02pm Meet Me On Facebook by Bangs on Reflections of Africa (HSM Entertainment)
  • 9:06pm Gov-Mint Crazy Check by Ms Marilyn Miles on Welcome Marilyn to Area 19 (MsMarilynMiles)
  • 9:08pm Mt. Carmel by Odon Soterias on How the People Stare (Odon Soterias)
  • 9:13pm American Patrol by Orchestra Grace Notes on The Mill in the Black Forest (RCA)
  • 9:18pm Track 03 by Raef on Theez Shooz (self-released)
  • 9:20pm Dreams by Michelle Marie on Come Follow Me (Raison d’Etre)
  • 9:22pm Void Chi by Haitong Dao Zongzu on EP (Polydor)
  • 9:27pm Tokyo at 3:00 am by Matsuura Yasunobo & Mood Kings on Tenor Sax’s Japanese Popular Song History, Post-War Part 1 (Victor)
  • 9:33pm Mother’s Four Seasons by Cherish on Sper Deluxe (Victor)
  • 9:36pm Disaster Will Come Upon You & You Will Not Know How to Conjure-It Away by Half-Handed Cloud on Thy Is a Word, and Feet Need Lamps (Asthmatic Kitty)
  • 9:39pm Looking at Men’s Faces by Iconoclast on Iconoclast 2 (self-released)
  • 9:42pm There Ain’t No Woman by The In-sect on Introducing the In-Sect Direct from England (RCA/Legacy)
  • 9:47pm Girl by The Keggs on To Find Out / Girl (Digital 45) – Single (Essential Media Group)
  • 9:49pm Low Energy Cruise by Pioneer Ethics on A 200 Year Review (self-Released)
  • 9:51pm That Butt Thing by Horace Trahan on That Butt Thing (Maison de Soul Records)
  • 9:53pm Blind Bartimaeus by Lyrical Lively on A Miracle (House of Judah)
  • 9:58pm Descending On Dallas. by Ms Marilyn Miles on Welcome Marilyn to Area 19 (MsMarilynMiles)
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