March 15, 2020

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  • 2:02pm I Hear You Calling by Bill Fay on Time of the Last Persecution (Decca Music Group Ltd.)
  • 2:05pm 747 by Bill Callahan on Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City Records)
  • 2:13pm Season of the Shark by Yo La Tengo on Summer Sun (Matador)
  • 2:13pm Sense Apart by Kyle Hamlett Uno on Nowhere Far (Cobra Labra)
  • 2:19pm How’m I Gonna Keep Myself Together by Dory Previn on We’re Children of Coincidence and Harpo Marx (Warner Bros Records)
  • 2:23pm The World’s a Mess, It’s in My Kiss by X on Los Angeles (Fat Possum)
  • 2:27pm Silver Children by Front Page Review on Mystic Soldiers (Iris Music Group)
  • 2:38pm Can We Trust the Waters? by The Cherry Blossoms on Mystery Meet (Feeding Tube Records)
  • 2:45pm Solar Eclipse by Lou Turner on Songs for John Venn (Spinster Sounds)
  • 2:46pm Now If You Remember by Nathan Bowles on Plainly Mistaken (Paradise of Bachelors)
  • 2:49pm Go and Get You a Plate. Try My Greens by Ben Lamar Gay on East of the Ryan (International Anthem)
  • 2:59pm Build a Nest (feat. Ruby Parker) by Jeff Parker on Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem/Nonesuch)
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