December 20, 2019

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  • 7:00pm DEUTSCHLAND by Rammstein on RAMMSTEIN (Rammstein)
  • 7:04pm Parasitic Static by Hexadiode on Metaxy (EK Product)
  • 7:09pm High Priestess of Death by Cliff Martinez on Too Old To Die Young (Original Series Soundtrack) (Milan Records)
  • 7:17pm Withiin by Bestial Mouths on Inshroudss – EP (RUNE & RUIN)
  • 7:22pm Boom Operator by Pop. 1280 on Way Station (Weyrd Son Records)
  • 7:25pm Tomorrow is a Trap by Street Sects on Gentrification IV: Suspended From Gallery Rails – Single (The Flenser)
  • 7:29pm A Desire, Nameless by Hiro Kone on A Fossil Begins To Bray (Dais Records)
  • 7:35pm Patron Saint of Regret (feat. SRSQ) by Uniform & The Body on Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 7:39pm You are already Dead by Distortion Six on Norze (ant-zen)
  • 7:44pm Accelerant by Azar Swan on The Hissing of a Paper Crane (Primal Architecture Records)
  • 7:49pm Slums Of Hell by Spit Mask on You May Feel Some Pressure (aufnahme + wiedergabe)
  • 7:54pm Cost of Life by Kontravoid on Too Deep (Fleisch Records)
  • 7:59pm Repression by Sarin on Moral Cleansing (BITE)
  • 8:04pm My Black Queen by Strvngers on Death Is the Only Way Out (Negative Gain Productions)
  • 8:09pm Check the Spreadsheet by Klack on 2400bps 8-N-1 – EP (Self-Released)
  • 8:17pm The River by Twin Tribes on Ceremony (Negative Gain Productions)
  • 8:21pm He Who Flees the Light by Calabrese on Flee the Light (Spookshow Records)
  • 8:24pm Her Thirsty Whip by Devil Master on Satan Spits on Children of Light (Relapse Records)
  • 8:27pm Mary on a Cross by Ghost on Seven Inches of Satanic Panic – Single (Universal Music AB)
  • 8:33pm Following the Night by Comaduster on Darker Matter (FiXT)
  • 8:38pm Fear by Body of Light on Time To Kill (Dais Records)
  • 8:41pm Iris by TR/ST on The Destroyer – 2 (Royal Mountain Records)
  • 8:46pm LINCOLN TUNNEL by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross on Watchmen: Volume 3 (Music from the HBO Series) (Null Corporation)
  • 8:50pm Whispers In the Hall by Chromatics on Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
  • 8:54pm Insignificant by Lust for Youth on Lust for Youth (Sacred Bones Records)
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