All About Nashville- Splendid Music!

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  • 12:02pm Love and Ony Love by Neil Young & Crazy Horse on Ragged Glory (Reprise)
  • 12:11pm Call Me After Midnight by Blackfoot Gypsies on Handle It (Plowboy Records, LLC)
  • 12:18pm I Can See by Stone Jack Jones on Black Snake (yk Records)
  • 12:26pm Waterboarding the Entourage by Holy Mountain Top Removers on Tonight the Machete Dreams (Centripetal Force / Otherness)
  • 12:37pm Rodney O by The Mute Group on Sinister Hand (yk Records)
  • 12:43pm After the Documentary by Joe Kenkel on Dream Creator (Museum House)
  • 12:47pm The Coin of Desire (Sides 1 & 2) by Trevor Nikrant on Living in the Kingdom (Museum House Records)
  • 12:52pm The Girl I Sawed in Half by Paul Burch on Meridian Rising (Plowboy Records, LLC)
  • 12:57pm Tsunami Sue by Olivia Jean on Night Owl (Third Man Records LLC)
  • 12:59pm Alignment by Million Sellers on Sufficiently Rude (Wanda Records)
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