September 30, 2019 ~ PRGO174: Proprietor of a legendary rural tourist attraction officially unveils his side project 'HEAVY DRUNK,' and debuts new album tracks; songwriting legend Steve Dorff honors his late son, Andrew--also with new tracks..

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  • 10:02am Everytime I Roll the Dice by Delbert McClinton on Never Been Rocked Enough (Curb Records)
  • 10:12am I Can’t Be Satisfied by Heavy Drunk on Holy Water (4142 Music)
  • 10:19am New Orleans Ladies by Le Roux on Louisiana’s Le Roux (Capitol Records)
  • 10:29am Somebody’s Got to Take Them Panties Off by Heavy Drunk on Holy Water (4142 Music)
  • 10:42am Pick You Up Along the Way by Heavy Drunk on Holy Water (4142 Music)
  • 10:47am I Cross My Heart (excerpt) by George Strait on Strait Out of the Box (MCA)
  • 10:50am Good As You Think I Am (excerpt) by Ryan Hurd on Panorama (EP) (RCA)
  • 10:56am Misbelieve (excerpt) by Andrew Dorrf (World Premiere) on Andrew Dorff (TBD)
  • 10:59am The End (excerpt) by The Beatles on Anthology 3 (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
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