Underwriting Guidelines


As a nonprofit radio station licensed by the FCC, WXNA *must* conform to FCC policy regarding underwriting messages, which must be informational rather than promotional. We cannot bend the rules, so please know that when we make changes to copy, it is because FCC and station guidelines demand it.

  • Be informational, no calls to action (not even “visit our website” — instead, “more information is at …”)
  • No first- or second-person language (no “you” or “we”)
  • No pricing information (not even “free” or “15% off”)
  • No comparative or valuation (no “best” or “better” or “wonderful” or “fabulous”)
  • Have information about where they can get more information — a website is usually best.
  • Word counts count — the core of the message should be about 50 words — we add the intro and outro (limit 60 words total)

EXAMPLE – CD RELEASE SHOW: Support for WXNA comes from Mark Robinson. The new acoustic roots album ‘CHUG IT DOWN AND GO’ by bassman Daniel Seymour and guitarist Mark Robinson is gutbucket music from the heart of American country and blues. The CD release show is Saturday, November 10th at 6 PM at The 5 Spot. More at CHUG IT DOWN AND GO dot com.

EXAMPLE – EVENT: Support for WXNA is provided by The Tomato Art Fest, East Nashville’s two-day celebration in Five Points featuring local music, art, kids’ activities, costumes, food, a Bloody Mary garden party, and more. The 16th Annual Tomato Art Fest is open to all and takes place Friday, August 9th and Saturday, August 10th. More information at Tomato Art Fest dot com.

EXAMPLE – BUSINESS: Support for WXNA is provided by Nashville Omnichord Supply Company, for all things Omnichord, the one-man strumming band. Nashville Omnichord Supply offers a rotating stock of pre-loved Suzuki Omnichords, as well as repairs. Holiday specials, inventory viewing, and more available at The Audio Yard Sale at American Legion Post 82 on Saturday, November 3rd, and Nashville Omnichord Supply dot com.