November 27, 2018: Localpalooza II

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  • 5:01pm Boomtown by The Questionnaires on City Without a Subway (Neo Records)
  • 5:04pm So Far Today by Shadow 15 on Far Away (Big Monkey Records)
  • 5:07pm Lous’iana Law by Will Rambeaux and the Delta Hurricanes on City Without a Subway (Neo)
  • 5:11pm Laugh at the Cold by In Pursuit on Standing in your Shadow (MTM)
  • 5:19pm Person to Person by Radio ONe on Person to Person (Absolute)
  • 5:22pm Rose Colored Eyes by Civic Duty on Nashville Hoegrown (Nashville Homegrown Hunger Project)
  • 5:25pm Speed by Jet Black Factory on Duality (391 Records)
  • 5:34pm Ain’t Been Loved Enough by The Nerve on Nashville Homegrown (Nashville Homegrown Hunger Project)
  • 5:37pm Want to by Eleven 59 on What You Haven’t Heard…Nashville Rock (Nashville Entertainment Association)
  • 5:41pm Seasons Change by White Animals on Nashville Homegrown (Nashville Homegrown Hunger Project)
  • 5:49pm Where the Buffalo Roam by The Grinning Plowman on What You Haven’t Heard… (Nashville Entertainment Association)
  • 5:51pm Meet You Underground by Hurts to Laugh on Meet You Underground (Buried Capitol Recordings)
  • 5:55pm Sour Blooms by The Dead Deads on Rainbeau (Tishimon)
  • 6:00pm Sunday to Sunday by Bedlam on Into the Coals (MCA Records)
  • 6:04pm Miss Melodrama by The Katies on The Katies (Elektra Records)
  • 6:08pm Sophomore Jinx by Self on Subliminal Plastic Motives (Spongebath)
  • 6:14pm Fish Stick Day by Government Cheese on 1985 – 1995 (Cedar Creek Music)
  • 6:23pm The Man Who Loved Beer by Lambchop on How I Quit Smoking (Merge Records)
  • 6:26pm Can’t Stand Still by Buffalo Clover on Low Down Time (Palaver)
  • 6:29pm Rich White Men (Don’t Own the Future) by The Black Lemons on Don’t Own the Future – EP (Self-Released)
  • 6:39pm Wild one by Those Darlins on Those Darlins (Oh Wow Dang)
  • 6:41pm When Did It Get So Easy (to Lie to Me) by Jason and The Scorchers on Halcyon Times (Courageous Chicken)
  • 6:45pm Cafe Strut by The Gypsy Hombres on Cafe Strut (Self-Released)
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