November 20, 2018: Localpalooza I

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  • 5:01pm My Generation by Todd Snider on Songs for the Daily Planet (MCA/Decca)
  • 5:05pm Record Machine by Creamer on Creamer (Self-Release)
  • 5:09pm Dirty Laundry by Bee Taylor on single (Self-Released)
  • 5:13pm My Love is Real by Greg Garing on Alone (Paladin/Revolution)
  • 5:21pm Level by The Raconteurs on Broken Boy Soldiers (Third Man Records, Inc.)
  • 5:22pm Romeo’s Tune by Steve Forbert on Jackrabbit Slim (Nemporor)
  • 5:25pm Backside by Walk the West on Walk the West (SPAT! Records)
  • 5:29pm This Very Second by Bill Lloyd on Feeling The Elephant (Throbbing Lobster)
  • 5:36pm Oh, What a World by Kacey Musgraves on Golden Hour (MCA)
  • 5:39pm Record & Pause by Seth Timbs on Record & Pause (Self-Released)
  • 5:44pm Androgynous by Bright Little Field on Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute to the Replacements (Self-Released)
  • 5:49pm All American Made by Margo Price on All American Made (Third Man Records, Inc.)
  • 5:55pm Trapped in Wakiki by Royal Court of China on Royal Court of China (A&M)
  • 5:59pm Got Soul in a Digital World by DeRobert & The Half-Truths on Soul In a Digital World (G.E.D. Soul Records)
  • 6:01pm Rock & Stone by Alannah Royale on Achilles (Self-Released)
  • 6:07pm Scratch + Hiss by Lera Lynn on Resistor (Self-Released)
  • 6:11pm Sputnik Monroe by Otis Gibbs on Mount Renraw (Wanamaker)
  • 6:18pm Eve’s Last Daughter by Amanda Shires on To the Sunset (Silver Knife)
  • 6:21pm Side of the Road by Kevin Gordon on Gloryland (Crowville Media)
  • 6:28pm Trudy and Dave by John Hiatt on Slow Turning (A&M)
  • 6:31pm 25 Years Ago by Tommy Womack on There, I Said It! (Cedar Creek)
  • 6:35pm Exorcist by Kyshona Armstrong on The Ride 2.0 (Kyshona Armstrong)
  • 6:39pm Song in D by Stella on Ascension (Beggar’s Banquet)
  • 6:43pm Reason by Bully on Feels Like (Star Time)
  • 6:51pm Another Chance by Georgia Satellites on In the Land of Salvation and Sin (Elektra)
  • 6:53pm the Marrying Kind by Raging Fire on Everything Is Roses (1985 -1989) (Pristine)
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