September 25, 2018: We #getcivic with Briteheart, Raging Fire, and Benjamin Stranger

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  • 5:00pm Dog in the Street by The Shakers on Songs From Beneath the Lake (Carlyle)
  • 5:04pm Heartache Weather by Matthew Ryan on East Autumn Grin (A&M Records)
  • 5:07pm Dirty Laundry by Bee Taylor on cd-single (Self-Released)
  • 5:11pm Song in D by Stella on Ascension (Beggars Banquet)
  • 5:19pm September Summers by Western Medication on Taste (Death of 78)
  • 5:22pm Help Yourself by White Animals on 3000 Nights in Babylon (Dread Beat)
  • 5:27pm Cowboy on the Moon by Lambchop on Jack’s Tulips (Merge Records)
  • 5:32pm I Know by Alannah Royale on single (Self-Released)
  • 5:36pm Wash Me in the Well (feat. The McCrary Sisters) by Josh Farrow on Trouble Walks With Me (Josh Farrow)
  • 5:39pm All that I Can Take by Snakehips on Left for Dead (Twister)
  • 5:41pm I’m Alright by Owsley on Owsley (Giant)
  • 5:48pm Trinity Lane by Lilly Hiatt on Trinity Lane (New West Records)
  • 5:51pm Borateen by Self on Subliminal Plastic Motives (Spongebath)
  • 5:54pm Eve’s Daughter by Amanda Shires on To the Sunset (Silver Knife)
  • 5:57pm Reason by Bully on Feels Like (Star Time)
  • 6:00pm (Out Here on Everest) by The Lees of Memory on The Blinding White of Nothing at All (John Davis Brand Music)
  • 6:16pm The True Believer by Raging Fire on cd-single (Self-Released)
  • 6:30pm Whatever it Takes to Win by Benjamin Stranger on cd-single (Self-Released)
  • 6:42pm These Teeth Are Sharp by Raging Fire on These Teeth Are Sharp (Pristine)
  • 6:45pm A Woman’s Touch by The Cactus Brothers on 24 hours, 7 days a week (Capitol Records, LLC)
  • 6:49pm It Gets in your Blood by Webb Wilder on It Came from Nashville (Landslide)
  • 6:52pm Long Time Thinkin’ by The Allen Thompson Band on Brace Yourself (Self-Released)
  • 6:57pm Think Wild Mercury by Todd Snider on The Devil You Know (NewDoor)
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