September 22, 2018

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  • 4:04pm Wholes by Big Hush on Spirit / Wholes (Robotic Empire)
  • 4:08pm sooner or later by Slumber Party on Slumber Party (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 4:11pm In My Speakers by Human People on Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears (exploding in sound)
  • 4:14pm waiting by Options on Vivid Trace (Sooper Records)
  • 4:16pm honesty by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands Of Love (Warp Records)
  • 4:24pm On Levels by Talons on We All Know (Holy Roar Records)
  • 4:29pm Shambles by OHHMS on exist (Holy Roar Records)
  • 4:37pm Indecency by Regional Justice Center on World of Inconvenience (Alternatives Label)
  • 4:38pm denial by Pijn on Loss (Holy Roar Records)
  • 4:51pm new me knew you by A Leaf In The Street on you read me? (self released)
  • 4:53pm none, none, none by Option Anxiety on DEMOS (Self-Released)
  • 4:55pm Slow Choke by Moru on Plague Whispers – EP (728583 Records DK)
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