July 28, 2018

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  • 4:01pm love You Right by Forts Like Vana on Love You Right – Single (580953 Records DK2)
  • 4:13pm Take Me Back For the Night by States & Capitals on Creations&Memories – EP (Self-Released)
  • 4:16pm all of you by A Story Told on Keep Watch (A Story Told)
  • 4:19pm Saints of the Sinners by The FAIM on Saints of the Sinners – Single (BMG Rights Management (US) LLC)
  • 4:23pm tonight by Victors on Tonight – Single (Independent)
  • 4:27pm jumpsuit by Twenty One Pilots on trench (Self-Released)
  • 4:49pm 12 Rounds by Bohnes on 206: Act I (Bohnes)
  • 4:50pm Baby, You Wouldn’t Last a Minute on the Creek by Chiodos on All’s Well That Ends Well (Equal Vision Records)
  • 4:55pm The fog by Layne on The Fog – Single (LAYNE)
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