Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay is an Indian-born epic poem collage stranger and break-up with America tour—on self-imposed exile from New Nashville, and the author of the books 'this is our war' (Penmanship Press, Brooklyn, 2016) and 'everything is always leaving' (M.C. Sarkar & Sons, Kolkata, 2019), and the poetry album 'i don’t know anyone here' (2020). She was the first Nashville Youth Poet Laureate, finalist for the first National Youth Poet Laureate, and Pushcart Prize nominee. With a Masters’ in Migration and Diaspora at SOAS, she is now a Masters' candidate in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths. Find her work in Poetry Society of America, Nashville Arts Magazine, and Cream City Review, among others.

Since the late sixties, Klyd Watkins has had many periodical publications. Prominent among a dozen or so chapbooks are 'Ghost Trees' (Sugar Mountain Press) and '5 Speed' (The Temple). His collection 'the wind is sacred there: a journal of Radnor Lake' was published by Hand to Mouth Press in 2021. Through much of the seventies Watkins was pioneering in oral poetry, doing work that is precursor to both spoken word and rap but quite distinct from either. Many of his experiments appeared on the 'Poetry Out Loud' records which he produced along with Peter Harleman. Their wives, Linda Watkins and Patricia Harleman, were important participants in the improvisation based work, which also included work by Henrick Heidsieck, who would become the French Poet Laureate. The ten records of the series are still collected worldwide today, and in 2012 DeStijl records re-released the whole series on iTunes. Klyd Watkins' Poetry CD's include 'Harp All Made of Gold,' which was well received, and 'Poetry Out Loud # 11,' which totally bombed. Retired now, he has worked as a college English instructor, realtor, and honky tonk bass player.  He and Linda have four grown sons, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
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