September 23, 2022

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  • 11:00pm The Seasons Reverse by Gastr Del Sol on Camoufleur (Drag City Records)
  • 11:05pm Debbie by Total Wife on A Blip (Warehaus Recordings)
  • 11:11pm Lost Meaning by Cloakroom on Dissolution Wave (Relapse Records)
  • 11:15pm Ritchie Sacramento by Mogwai on As the Love Continues (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  • 11:20pm Still by Just Mustard on Heart Under (Partisan Records)
  • 11:24pm The Smoke by The Smile on A Light for Attracting Attention (XL Recordings)
  • 11:27pm Rhinoceros by The Smashing Pumpkins on Gish (Deluxe Edition) (Virgin Records)
  • 11:34pm Summer, After by Giant Waste of Man on Biographer (Chain Letter Collective)
  • 11:39pm Everything Is Simple by Widowspeak on The Jacket (Captured Tracks)
  • 11:43pm Momo by bdrmm on Bedroom (Tugboat Records)
  • 11:46pm 23 by Blonde Redhead on 23 (4AD)
  • 11:52pm Blue Skied an’ Clear by Slowdive on Pygmalion (Sony Music UK)
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