September 4, 2022

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  • 10:00pm Mílanó by Sigur Rós on Takk… (Krunk)
  • 10:10pm Doe Lake by anthené & Stijn Hüwels on Into the Setting Sun (Home Normal)
  • 10:17pm Thresholds (Through a Hole in the Fence) by Walt McClements on A Hole in the Fence (American Dreams Records)
  • 10:23pm Too Ne I by Yui Onodera on Too Ne (Room 40)
  • 10:30pm Dopamine Clouds Over Craven Cottage by Stars of the Lid on And Their Refinement of the Decline (kranky)
  • 10:36pm Atlantic by Max Ananyev on Water Atlas (Serein)
  • 10:41pm Single 04 by Vladislav Delay & Elvind Aarset on Singles (Room 40)
  • 10:46pm The Mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You on This Will Destroy You (Dark Operative)
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