August 29, 2022

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  • 3:00pm Love Will Tear Us Apart by Amythyst Kiah on Pensive Pop – EP (self)
  • 3:03pm Scene 1, After Hobart Smith by Jacken Elswyth on Six Static Scenes (Neolithic)
  • 3:08pm Saturday Night with the London Set by Helen McCookerybook on Green (Big Song)
  • 3:14pm Cleveland Summer Nights by Wink Burcham on Cleveland Summer Nights (Horton Records)
  • 3:18pm Lovely on the Water by SykesMartin on Unquenching Fire (DR)
  • 3:23pm What Brought the Blood by Mary Connors on The Flax in Bloom: Traditional songs, airs, and dance music in Ulster (Topic)
  • 3:30pm Running Free by Jenny Sturgeon on From the Skein (Tamarach Records)
  • 3:34pm Stone Walls by Laura Cannell on August Sounds – EP (Brawl Records)
  • 3:37pm Friday Night by Beth Orton on Weather Alive (PTKF)
  • 3:45pm Empty Tame and Ugly by Lou Turner on Microcosmos (Spinster)
  • 3:49pm That Spanish Thing by Nancy Tucker on Imaginational Anthem, Vol. 8: The Private Press (Tompkins Square)
  • 3:52pm Farewell Morgy Hill by Yakka Doon on Stenuous Detour (2532255 Records DK)
  • 3:57pm The Blacksmith by Lunatraktors on The Missing Star (Broken Folk Records)
  • 4:02pm The Other Side by Wynonna and Waxahatchie on The Other Side (single) (self)
  • 4:06pm Wolf and Woodpecker by The Froe on Wolf and Woodpecker (Transition)
  • 4:11pm Bar the Door by Alexis Stevens on The Long Blink (self)
  • 4:17pm Sven i Rosengård by Sid on Hyvän Illan (Unit Records)
  • 4:20pm The Hermit by Burd Ellen on A Tarot of the Green Woods (Mavis)
  • 4:27pm Outsider by Bonnie “Prince” Billy on Outsider – Single (Drag City Inc)
  • 4:31pm Once There Was No Sun by Jake Blount on The New Faith (Smithsonian Folkways)
  • 4:35pm Our Captain Cried by Angeline Morrison on The Brown Girl and Other Folk Songs (Angeline Morrison)
  • 4:38pm 10:00 Gig by Styrofoam Winos on Styrofoam Winos Play Their Favorite M. Hurley Songs (self)
  • 4:42pm Umanzi by Moor Mother on Jazz Codes (Anti)
  • 4:48pm The Third Way by John McCutcheon on Leap! (Appalseed)
  • 4:51pm Deep Sea, Deep Time by Pefkin on The Land Is a Sea in Waiting (Pefkin)
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