August 8, 2022: Nashville Underground Music Archive

The Prophets Combo
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  • 7:11pm That’ll Get It by The Imps on Do Re Me 45 1414 (Do Re Me)
  • 7:14pm It’s Love Baby by The Monorays on Nasco 45 6020 (Nasco)
  • 7:35pm Quit Man by The Sliders on Blue Nights (Strand)
  • 7:37pm We’d Better Stop by Robert Knight on 45 (Elf)
  • 7:40pm The Raven by Bobby Russell and the Impollos on single (Felsted)
  • 8:09pm Thinkin’ About Me, Thinkin’ About You by Fancy Friends on Thinkin’ About Me, Thinkin’ About You / Red River Sal – Single (SSS Records)
  • 8:15pm Brave New World by Ronny & the Daytonas on Single (RCA Victor)
  • 8:35pm Tiger by the Tail by The Kapers on Single (Bragg Records)
  • 8:36pm Girl Watching On Broadway by Little Rock Brotherhood on Single (Ref-o-Ree)
  • 8:53pm Ruby by The Anglo Saxons on single (Lucky Eleven)
  • 8:55pm (Chocolate Covered) Hockey Puck by Stan Beaver & the Everglades on single (Qualla Records)
  • 8:56pm I Go Crazy by The Prophets Combo on Single (Comet Records)
  • 8:58pm Snips by The Mobile Blue on 45 (Sound Stage 7)
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