July 18, 2022

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  • 12:00am Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode on The Best Of Depeche Mode Vol. 1
  • 12:02am Your Flags by Jacuzzi Boys on Singles ‘N’ Stuff: 2007 – 2011 (MAG MAG)
  • 12:06am Beverly Hills Housewives by Daughter Bat & the Lip Stings on Quarantine – EP (1176711 Records DK)
  • 12:07am War Inside My Head by Suicidal Tendencies on Still Cyco After All These Years (Epic)
  • 12:11am Secret Sisters by Joyce Manor on 40 Oz. to Fresno (Epitaph)
  • 12:12am Lauantai Huumaa (Saturday Fever) by The Mattoid on Great Lovers (Cleft Music)
  • 12:20am Rock House by Circle Jerks on Wonderful (Cobraside/Porterhouse Records)
  • 12:22am Black Fly Stew by The Stools on When I Left – EP (Third Man Records)
  • 12:24am Killed Someone by The Men on Drift (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 12:27am Unsung Zero by Small Brown Bike on Dead Reckoning (No Idea Records)
  • 12:34am Kayak by PET NEEDS on Fractured Party Music (Xtra Mile Recordings Ltd)
  • 12:37am Crawlers by Cold Meat on Hot and Flustered (Static Shock)
  • 12:40am Cat Food by Manateees on Cat Food / Treehouse – Single (Goner)
  • 12:42am Party’s Over by Grumpster on Underwhelmed (Asian Man Records)
  • 12:48am Beetle Boot by U.S. Bombs on War Birth (Hellcat/Epitaph)
  • 12:51am Sleeping Somewhere Else by The Slow Death on Born Ugly Got Worse (Rad Girlfriend Records)
  • 12:55am The House That Heaven Built by Japandroids on Celebration Rock (Pod)
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