July 4, 2022 - Requiem for a Dream

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  • 7:00am Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Any More by John Prine on John Prine (Atlantic)
  • 7:02am ‘Merican by Descendents on Cool to Be You (Fat Wreck Chords)
  • 7:04am American Waste by Black Flag on Damaged With Dez (TV Party Records)
  • 7:09am God Bless America for What by Swamp Dogg on Rat On! (Elektra)
  • 7:14am (We’re) Selling Jeans for the USA by Thee Stash on single (Get Hip)
  • 7:16am What’s Inside a Girl by The Cramps on A Date With Elvis (Vengeance Records)
  • 7:19am Wanna Do by The Fondas on Coming Now! (Way Down In the Motor City Underworld) (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • 7:22am Planet Earth 1988 by Ramones on Too Tough to Die (Sire)
  • 7:29am Rock Bottom Blues by Fanny on Fanny Hill (Reprise)
  • 7:32am I’m Aggressive by Nina Martin on Knuckle Girls Vol. 2 (Angry Young Woman Records)
  • 7:36am I’m the One by The Stool Pigeons on single (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • 7:38am The Kids in America by The Muffs on Hamburger (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • 7:41am American Girl by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Shelter Records)
  • 7:46am Claudia Kishi by The Linda Lindas on The Linda Lindas EP (In the Red)
  • 7:47am Peach Kelli Pop by Redd Kross on Neurotica (Merge Records)
  • 7:51am Here to Stay by The Slickee Boys on single (Vinyl Conflict)
  • 7:55am We’re So Cool by Au Pairs on Playing with a Different Sex (Sanctuary Records)
  • 8:02am Heart of Stone by Mekons on So Good It Hurts (Quarterstick Records)
  • 8:05am Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground on The Velvet Underground And Nico (Verve Records)
  • 8:08am Hittin’ On Nothing by Esquerita on Hittin’ on Nothing – Single (Norton Records Inc.)
  • 8:10am Look Good in Blue by l’alouette on How Many Bands Does It Take to Screw Up a Blondie Tribute? (Sympathy of the Record Industry)
  • 8:14am Lullaby of Birdland by Mel Torme with The Marty Paich Dek-tette on Mel Torme with The Marty Paich Dek-tette (Bethlehem Records)
  • 8:21am Mesmerizer by The Come Ons on Hip Check! (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • 8:23am Run Spy, Run by Billy Strange on The Secret Agent File (GNP Crescendo)
  • 8:25am Hang On Sloopy by Downliners Sect on The Rock Sect’s In (Charly)
  • 8:27am I’ve Just Seen A Face by Ludella Black on Sympathetic Sounds of London – Recorded at Toe Rag Studios (Sympathy for the Records Industry)
  • 8:30am Nitroglycerine by The Gories on I Know You fine, but how you doin’ (New Rose)
  • 8:35am Nothing Means Nothing Anymore by Alley Cats on single (Dangerhouse)
  • 8:39am Loretta by Nervous Eaters on Eaterville, Vol. 1 (Penniman)
  • 8:41am We Are the One by Avengers on single (Dangerhouse)
  • 8:44am Circle One by The Germs on single (Slash)
  • 8:45am Obsessed With You by The X-Ray Spex on Obsessed With Demos (Waste Management)
  • 8:48am Rich Daddy by The Dicks on Kill From The Heart (Alternative Tentacles)
  • 8:50am I’m On the Lamb, But I Ain’t No Sheep by Chop on (B.O.C.) single (Gasatanka)
  • 8:56am Days of Decision by Phil Ochs on I Ain’t Marching Anymore (Elektra)
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