June 13, 2022: Possible City

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  • 7:00pm Ngi Hamba Ngedwa by Dorothy Masuka on Ngi Hamba Ngedwa – Single (AFRO-DESIA)
  • 7:00pm loyalty (flip) by Nolais on Single (Independent)
  • 7:03pm Possible City by Ilpo & Emeka Ogboh on Sharawadji (with Noël Saïzonou) (Aihio Music)
  • 7:07pm The Sun the Moon the Spa by Cities Aviv on MAN PLAYS the HORN (Director’s Cut) (D.O.T.)
  • 7:11pm Capture This by Gianni Brezzo on Tutto Passa (Jakarta Records distributed by Groove Attack)
  • 7:17pm Atra (feat. Kristian Harborg) by Axel Boman on Luz (Studio Barnhus)
  • 7:22pm Declined by Universe by Yin Yin on The Age of Aquarius (Glitterbeat Records)
  • 7:26pm Dodinin by Leyla McCalla on Breaking the Thermometer (Anti/Epitaph)
  • 7:32pm I Never Dream by Against All Logic on 2012 – 2017 (Other People)
  • 7:39pm The Thirst by Cleers on The Thirst – Single (Sweet Wreath)
  • 7:43pm Upside Down by Woo on It’s Cosy Inside (Remastered) (Horus Music Limited)
  • 7:49pm Log In Your Fire by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri on I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon (Ghostly International)
  • 7:51pm Weather Alive by Beth Orton on Weather Alive (Partisan Records)
  • 8:00pm can key by Joe Rainey on Niineta (37d03d)
  • 8:05pm Wilted Superstition Engaged in Copulation by Širom on The Liquified Throne of Simplicity (tak:til)
  • 8:26pm Homem de Neanderthal by Ney Matogrosso on Água do Céu: Pássaro (1975) (WM Brazil)
  • 8:30pm Landslide In Reverse by Turner Williams Jr. on Carved Air (Working Man Lay Down)
  • 8:43pm Plotlined by Kiki Kudo on Profile Eterna – EP (The Trilogy Tapes)
  • 8:57pm Inner Citadel by Billow Observatory on Stareside (felte)
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