May 23, 2022

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  • 12:02am Attack of the Peacekeepers by Jello Biafra on Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors (with D.O.A.) (Alternative Tentacles)
  • 12:05am Margin Walker by Fugazi on 13 Songs (Dischord)
  • 12:07am Unchain My Heart by Undertakers on Storm In the Garage (Akarma)
  • 12:10am Dealin’ by Sundials on Kick – EP (Topshelf Records)
  • 12:11am Simple Pleasures in America by The Arrivals on Volatile Molotov (Recess Records)
  • 12:16am Telepathic Mind by Church Girls on Telepathic Mind – Single (Anchor Eighty Four Records)
  • 12:19am Flashback Arrestor by Uranium Club on The Cosmo Cleaners (Static Shock)
  • 12:22am Spearfish Torpedo by Alien Nosejob on Once Again the Present Becomes the Past (Anti Fade Records)
  • 12:25am Your Phone’s Off the Hook, But You’re Not by X on Los Angeles (Fat Possum)
  • 12:27am Paranoid by The Dickies on The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (Expanded Version) (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 12:35am The Eco-Terrorist in Me by Rise Against on The Black Market (Geffen)
  • 12:37am The Barracuda by The’s on Pin Heel Stomp (Time Bomb Records)
  • 12:39am Scorpion by Primary Sound on Sweet Time RNR Comp! (Sweet Time)
  • 12:41am Aside by The Weakerthans on Left and Leaving (Anti/Epitaph)
  • 12:45am Drunk N Disorderly by The Chats on High Risk Behaviour (Bargain Bin Records)
  • 12:49am Alive by together PANGEA on Badillac (Harvest Records)
  • 12:52am Girl Of Matches by Thee Headcoats on Heavens to Murgatroyd, Even! It’s Thee Headcoats! (Already) (Sub Pop)
  • 12:56am RC Driver by Acid Dad on Take It From The Dead (RAS / Greenway)
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