May 15, 2022

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  • 9:00pm Guided Meditation – Blessed Blankets (Featuring Dale Nougher) by Helen Joy Buck on Guided Meditation – Blessed Blankets (Featuring Dale Nougher) (self-released)
  • 9:06pm Logical Thinking (Blue Piano Echo Light) by Academy of Increasing Power of Brain on Focus Music & Brainwaves Entrainment: Learning and Brain Training, Gamma Waves, Concentration Music Therapy, Mind Power, Mindfulness (Fighter Series Records)
  • 9:06pm AM Hypnosis by Robert Am Griswold on Attract Money (self-released)
  • 9:09pm Master Your Mind 1 by Brain Sync on Master Your Mind (Brain Sync)
  • 9:15pm Guided Visualization by Kelly Howell on Destiny (Brain Sync)
  • 9:19pm Self-Hypnosis (Night Version) by Barrie Konicov on Get More Our of Sex–Male (self-released)
  • 9:25pm Concentration Relaxation Music by Relaxation Music Therapists on Brain Wave Therapy – Relaxing Brain Stimulation Music and Soothing Nature Sounds to Meditate and Improve the Power of Subconscious Mind (Equilibrium)
  • 9:31pm Wake Up Sleepyhead by Wendi Friesen on Wake Up Sleepyhead (self-released)
  • 9:35pm Hypno Yoga by Steve G. Jones on Hypno Yoga (self-released)
  • 9:41pm Call of the Mystic by Interstellar Meditation Music Zone on Transcendental Meditation and Astral Projection – Spiritual Music Ambient Therapy for Brain Harmony and Inner Power, Mind Body Balance (Yoga Meditation Record)
  • 9:47pm Fifteen by Power Mind on Secret Numbers For Self Hypnosis (Independent)
  • 9:48pm Inner Eye (Quiet Cello) by Namaste Yoga Collection on Power of Subconscious – Music for Meditation, New Dimensions, Mindfulness Yoga, Self Hypnosis, Slow Breath, Stress Relief (Gab Music Productions)
  • 9:51pm Ambience & Alpha Brain Wave Therapy by Kelly Howell on Total Relaxation (Brain Sync)
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