March 13, 2022

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  • 4:00pm reels: The Ballyket Courthouse / Tie the Bonnet by Bill Verdier & Bill Wolfe on private recording Jim Prendergast (unreleased)
  • 4:03pm Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part/Padraig O’Keeffe’s/Paddy Fahey’s by Theresa O’Grady on Banjo’ista (Raelach)
  • 4:08pm The Banks of the Lee by Ciaran O’Kane on Irish Music Magazine (IrishMusic.Net)
  • 4:14pm Kerryman’s Daughter/Funny Reel/Castle Kelly by Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan on The Funny Reel (Shanachie)
  • 4:17pm Polkas: the Church Street Polka & the Happy Polka by Conal O Grada on Cnoc Bui (Conal O Grada)
  • 4:20pm The Graf Spee – Ballinasloe Fair: Reels by Bobby Casey & Lucy Farr on Paddy In the Smoke: Irish Dance Music from a London Pub (Topic)
  • 4:22pm John Nee’s Reel / Lucy Campbell’s by John McSherry & Michael McGoldrick on At First Light (Compass)
  • 4:29pm The Dispute at the Crossroads/The Jolly Tinker by Paddy Glackin & Robbie Hannan on The Whirlwind (Shanachie)
  • 4:32pm An Londubh / The Ballyoran by Caoimhin O Fearghail & Paddy Tuttle on Flute & Fiddle (self-released)
  • 4:36pm C’est L’aviron by Bill Verdier & James Prendergast on unreleased (unreleased)
  • 4:44pm The Discontented Man / Crabs in the Skillet / Dancing Eyes by Dylan Foley on Deliriously Happy (Upstate Boys Records)
  • 4:49pm JD’s ‘Untitled’ Mazurka by Dermot Byrne, Éamonn Coyne & John Doyle on Liag (Dermot Byrne, Éamonn Coyne, John Doyle)
  • 4:52pm Hector the Hero / The Coffin Ships by Tommy Peoples on The Quiet Glen (self released)
  • 4:59pm The Boyne Hunt / The Silver Spear by Brian Rooney on Leitrim to London (Phaeton)
  • 5:02pm Hurry the Jug / The Pullet Wants the Cock by Leonard Barry, Declan Folan & Shane McGowan on Hurry the Jug (Leonard Barry, Declan Folan and Shane McGowan)
  • 5:06pm Medley: Barney Brannigan’s / the Rocky Road to Dublin (Slip Jigs) by Enda Scahill & Paul Brock on Humdinger (Compass Records)
  • 5:09pm Tuttles Reel Set by Bill Verdier on James Prendergast recording (unreleased)
  • 5:14pm Spailpín Fánach by Gatehouse on Tús Nua (Gael Linn)
  • 5:17pm Leitrim Clog Dance by Séamus McGuire & John Lee on An Ríl Ar Lár (The Missing Reel) (Gael Linn)
  • 5:20pm Tom Fleming’s/Kitty’s Wedding/Sean McGuire’s by John Whelan on The Big Squeeze (Green Linnet)
  • 5:29pm The Last March/Paddy Murphy’s Wife/Eleanor Kane’s by Uaine on The Dimming of the Day (self-released)
  • 5:34pm Se Oakum mo Phriosun by Sean Garvey on Out of the Ground (Harry Stottle)
  • 5:38pm John Dwyer’s Jig / Paddy Taylor’s Jig by Finbar Dwyer on Kitty’s Rambles (Arran Records)
  • 5:44pm Thadelo’s, My Love in the Morning, Behind the Bush in the Garden by The Four Star Trio on Magnetic South (Craft Recordings)
  • 5:47pm Ar Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi by Dervish on Live at Palma (Kells)
  • 5:54pm Side by Side/The Smiling Lady/The Ceilier by The Kane Sisters on Side By Side (self-released)
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