March 6, 2022

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  • 4:00pm A Kerry Reel/The New Policeman/Anything for John Joe by The Rogues on Live recording (private recording)
  • 4:05pm Charming Lovely Nancy / Sleamhnán Lios Póil / Jazzin’ with Mag Leary by Caroline Keane on Shine (Caroline Keane)
  • 4:08pm The Repeal of the Union, My Sweetheart Jane by Tommy Keane & Jacqueline McCarthy on The Wind Among the Reeds (Maree Music)
  • 4:14pm Maid on the Green / Anthony Frawley’s by Dan Possumato with Bill Verdier on The Last Pint (Old Box Records)
  • 4:17pm Rise Up My Darling by Eamon O’Leary & Jefferson Hamer on The Murphy Beds (The Murphy Beds (Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer))
  • 4:22pm Battering Ram / Jim O’Donoghue’s by Matt Molloy & John Carty with Arty McGlyn on Out of the Ashes (Racket)
  • 4:29pm The Millstream / Jack Riordan’s / Money in Both Pockets (feat. Frances Cunningham, Bill Verdier, Bill Wolfe & Vince Burns) by Dan Possumato on Tunes Inside (Old Box Records)
  • 4:32pm The Rocky Road to Lima / Dr. Mulcrone’s by Bill Verdier & Bill Wolfe on private recording Jim Prendergast (self-published)
  • 4:36pm Toss the Feathers / The Otters Holt / The High Reel by Mitch Reilly on Nashville Irish (Mitch Reilly)
  • 4:44pm Tatter Jack Walsh/The Reaper/The Alna Jig by Dan Brouder & Angeline Carberry on Waltz for Joy (self-published)
  • 4:48pm Garret Barry’s Reel / Seán Reid’s Favourite by Liam O’Flynn on The Poet & The Piper (Claddagh Records)
  • 4:51pm The Final Trawl by James Prendergast with Bill Verdier on unreleased (private recording)
  • 4:59pm The Crabs in the Skillet by Séamus McGuire with Steve Cooney on An Irish Viola (self-released)
  • 5:04pm Paddy’s Rambles through the Park by Dulahan on Airs & Gracenotes (self-released)
  • 5:08pm An Suisin Ban/ Galtee Hunt by Bill Verdier & Bill Wolfe on James Prendergast recording (unreleased)
  • 5:14pm John Doherty’s / Kitty Come Down from Limerick by James Kelly, Paddy O’Brien & Daithi Sproule on Traditional Music of Ireland (Shanachie)
  • 5:16pm The Greencastle Hornpipe/The Long Note by Mary McNamara/Sorcha Costello on The Lady’s Cup of Tea (self released)
  • 5:19pm The Boy in the Boat / Johnny’s Gone Tae France by Bill Verdier & James Prendergast on unreleased (self-recorded)
  • 5:24pm The High Caul Cap/Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Mick Conneely & David Munnelly on ‘Tis What It Is (Clo Iar-Chonnacht)
  • 5:29pm The Star of the County Down by Bill Verdier & James Prendergast on That’s an Irish Lullaby (self-released)
  • 5:33pm The Flower of Northumberland by The Alt on Day is Come (Under the Arch Records)
  • 5:39pm The Dispute at the Crossroads/The Jolly Tinker by Paddy Glackin & Robbie Hannan on The Whirlwind (Shanachie)
  • 5:44pm Ward’s Jig / The Legacy by The Rogues on Live recording (private recording)
  • 5:47pm The Faithful Friend / O’Mealy’s (hornpipes) by Peter Carberry & Padraig McGovern on Forgotten Gems (Traditional Arts)
  • 5:52pm Mother’s Delight / The College Groves / Jennie’s Chickens (Reels) by Martin O’Connor on The Connachtman’s Rambles (Compass Records Group)
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