February 7, 2022

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  • 11:01am Le Sifflet Du Baron by Le baron on Le Sifflet Du Baron (Sirocco)
  • 11:05am Bonjour Bresil by Jacqueline Taïeb on Bonjour Bresil / On La Connait (Pathe)
  • 11:08am Tape, tape, tape by Jeanne-Marie Sens on Jeu de mots (Warner (France))
  • 11:10am le papyvore by les papyvores on Wizz french psychorama (Born Bad Records)
  • 11:19am Gurdjieff by Guy Skornik on Pour Pauwels (Parlophone (France))
  • 11:25am Le crabe by Françoise Hardy on Soleil (Parlophone (France))
  • 11:28am Danger by Jean-Claude Vannier on Gainsbourg London Paris 1963 – 1971 (Universal Music Division Mercury Records)
  • 11:35am Dans un fou rire by Fishbach on Avec les yeux (A+LSO)
  • 11:39am Universal Energy (Remastered) by Universal Energy on Universal Energy (Remasterisé) (Warner (France))
  • 11:48am La chimère by The Rebels of Tijuana on La bourgeoise (Le Pop Club / Echo Orange)
  • 11:51am des arbres de fer by Guy Skornik on Je Ne Veux Qu’un Sourire / Des Arbres De Fer (Pathe)
  • 11:54am bernadette by l’oeil on Wizz french psychorama (born bad records)
  • 11:58am Source of Innovation by Guy Skornik on Arts & Crafts (Cezame)
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