January 31, 2022: Fragments of Attention

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  • 8:00pm Made From Love by Syreeta & G.C. Cameron on Rich Love, Poor Love (UNI/MOTOWN)
  • 8:04pm Freaky People by Al Doum & The Faryds on Freaky People (Black Sweat Records)
  • 8:13pm Paixão / Loving You by Xênia França on Paixão / Loving You – Single (Xênia França)
  • 8:19pm Angel by DJ Python on Club Sentimientos Vol. 2 – EP (Incienso)
  • 8:32pm Relating by Hunter Rose on Silver Lining – EP (Hunter Rose Entertainment)
  • 8:35pm FI3AC2262060 by Aleksi Perälä on CYCLES 3 星辰 (AP Musik)
  • 8:42pm Solid Air City by downstairs J on basement, etc… (Incienso)
  • 8:49pm Stribinaite Camufraite Oraite by Índio da Cuíca on Malandro 5 Estrelas (QTV)
  • 8:53pm Loop 6 by Shinichi Atobe on Love of Plastic (DDS)
  • 8:56pm Mawonaj by Edmony Krater on Mawonaj EP (Heavenly Sweetness)
  • 9:00pm Well Done by Typical Sisters on Love Beam (Joyful Noise Recordings)
  • 9:04pm NECESSITE by Bergsonist on Toxic Materialism – EP (Bergsonist)
  • 9:07pm Revitalize by T-Rhyme on F.W.B.W. (independent)
  • 9:11pm Untitled 2 by Terrence Dixon on Another Chance – EP (Goldmin Music)
  • 9:18pm Fragments of Attention by Martina Lussi on Balance (Präsens Editionen)
  • 9:25pm Flowers by Muwosi & OatMilq on Flowers – Single (Muwosi Music)
  • 9:30pm Missed Calls by Julie Sassoon Quartet on Voyages (Jazzwerkstatt)
  • 9:39pm Great Song by Claire Rousay on An Afternoon Whine (Ecstatic Recordings)
  • 9:42pm Trapping in C Major by Klein on Klein: Harmattan (PENTATONE)
  • 9:48pm Break by Kabza De Small on Break – Single (Piano Hub)
  • 9:55pm Intramuscular Administration by Dalhous on The Composite Moods Collection, Vol. 2: Point Blank Range (Denovali Records)
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