January 23, 2022

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  • 8:00pm Insomniac by Good Morning TV on Small Talk (Géographie Records)
  • 8:03pm Pond House by Saint Etienne on I’ve Been Trying To Tell You (Heavenly Recordings)
  • 8:07pm Salvese Quien Pueda by Juana Molina on Tres Cosas (Crammed Discs)
  • 8:14pm Seeds by Crumb on Ice Melt (Crumb Records)
  • 8:17pm AOB by Wendy Eisenberg on Auto (Ba Da Bing!)
  • 8:20pm Unclean mind by Grouper on Shade (kranky)
  • 8:24pm Sleeping by Tirzah on Colourgrade (Domino Recording Co)
  • 8:29pm Violet Mary haunts me OR Loss of forgetfulness on Renfrew Street by A Sunny Day In Glasgow on Autumn, Again (Mis Ojos Discos)
  • 8:32pm Porque Te Vas by Riki on Gold (Dais Records)
  • 8:35pm Tonight by Angel Olsen on All Mirrors (Jagjaguwar)
  • 8:40pm Hunros by Gwenno on Le Kov (Heavenly Recordings)
  • 8:44pm Ifm by Elsa Hewitt on Lupa (ERH)
  • 8:51pm Lights Out by Broadcast on Work and Non Work (Warp Records)
  • 8:55pm Take Two by L’Rain on Fatigue (Mexican Summer)
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