December 28, 2021 Guest Host: Michael Roarke

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  • 11:30am Sweeping by Joe Kenkel on Naturale (Earth Libraries)
  • 11:38am Christmas With Your New God by Trevor Nikrant on Tall Ladders (Dear Life Records)
  • 11:45am Ouroboros by Crave On on Ace on the Outspeaker (Weird Conversations)
  • 11:48am Like Birds by Rig B on Rig B’s Big Night Out (Warehaus Recordings)
  • 11:54am Sense Apart by Kyle Hamlett Uno on Nowhere Far (Cobra Labra)
  • 11:58am Coffee (feat. Ziona Riley) by Susie Monick on Susie’s Songs – Single (Rednote Records)
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