November 8, 2021

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  • 10:00pm Galaxy in Turiya by Alice Coltrane on World Galaxy (Impulse!)
  • 10:10pm His Blessings by McCoy Tyner on Extensions (Blue Note Records)
  • 10:15pm Isis and Osiris by Alice Coltrane on Journey in Satchidananda (GRP Records)
  • 10:26pm Tomorrow’s Trane by Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson on It’s Your World (Artista)
  • 10:30pm Peace On Earth by John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane on Infinity (Impulse!)
  • 10:38pm Earth by Joe Henderson on The Elements (Milestone Records)
  • 10:48pm Drips / Auntie’s Harp by Flying Lotus on Cosmogramma (Warp Records)
  • 10:50pm A Love Supreme by Alice Coltrane on World Galaxy (Impulse!)
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